Key Chain -personalized for CI, Hearing aid people

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Special accessories for special devices
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Product Information

A personalized key chain for people who wear Cochlear Implant or Hearing Aid

Due to the hearing loss, there are situations in life when a child (or an adult) cannot understand what other people are saying, or the other way around. Besides, it can happen that a child gets lost in a public place or simply disappears from the parents' sight but, due to the hearing loss, cannot communicate with others. This key chain can serve as a great help in such situations by informing others about the specific circumstances regarding the hearing disability and instructing to help by calling the child's parents.

The original key chains that we offer contain the name of a child (or an adult), which uses the hearing aid or CI, and the phone number of parents or any other contact person in such an emergency situation. It can be attached to clothes or a bag, etc.

If you wish to purchase this personalized key chain, please SEND us the specific data after you have made your purchase. Also, indicate the COLOR: pink, red, blue, green. We have chosen these specific colors in order to draw people's attention to the key chain. 
Also CHOOSE LANGUAGE - English, German(Deutsch)!

Anyhow, if you have your own idea, text, desired color, we will be happy to create your idea, as well!

Transparent, plastics kristal, metal key ring! 
Personalized text - name, device, emergency phone number! 
Size - 65x42x6mm