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Dream it and do…

Hello there, much grateful to you that you are here in  DeAmelijaStickers shop. As we are very happy to have you here, we want to introduce you with our story... 

Our journey started in 2019 year when my daughter, Amelija, who in that moment has four years old, was diagnosed with hearing loss. At the beginning she used only hearing aids, but they did not give the expected results. 2020 year when doctors confirmed that she has 90% hearing loss on her right ear, our family felt devastated and frightened. We were so thankful for her to finally receive a monochromatic cochlear implant. However, the beige color of the cochlear implant in comparison with the bright pink hearing aid made my little girl think that the cochlear implant is ugly and so she simply refused to wear it. We as parents want to do anything for the benefit of our children, thus the idea to cover the implant with pretty stickers came to the mind. Besides, as I, Amelija's mom, have some previous experience making customized vinyl labels, I decided to make her fun stickers with flower patterns, her favorite graphics, etc. Amelija loves to draw, so she also enjoys to see her own artwork on her stickers. As for me, I love taking pictures, so we often turn photos into pretty stickers as well. This is how all of our ideas have been gradually accumulated and turned into pretty stickers that Amelija herself loves to pick for her hearing aid and cochlear implant. There has not been a day ever since when she refuses to wear her devices. Every time people see her cochlear implant, they admire the look of it and often they have asked me where to get such stickers. Thus, thanks to their encouragement, I decided to open this shop DeAmelijaStickers to help not only my own little girl but someone out there, too. 

We truly believe that in order to love the sounds of the world, you must first truly love your device. 

With love from Amelija and me, her mom, 

DeAmelijaStickers ❤️