Our Stickers/ skins for devices 

How you can look at our Gallery, we have so many skins for you! We have :
 printed pattern vinyl skins  - graphic/artwork/photo,  sparkling skins, glitter skins, crazy color skins, design skins, color skins  in one color), holographic (hologram) skins, chrome foil glass skins, holographic pattern skins with transparent effect, gold /silver pattern skins...etc.
They all are adhesive vinyl skins or foil skins, but not at paper what can damage your device! These all skins is for Cochlear Implants and Hearing aids!

Also we have a great opportunity, if you don`t know your device sizes, we have  - "Cut out a sticker yourself". Choose at our patterns and just cut out your skin.  

But if you don`t want skins for all device, just a little bit, choose "Sticker set" with small pattern skins. We have also R/L side set, Circle/Squares set for R and L side.

Together with skins you can also add tube twists what we have more than 70 colors, accessories for your device  - pouches, bags/ storage boxes... 
 And to be proud of ourselves, our device, we have created a collection of T-shirts, which is a great gift for a friend to hearing birthday, a photo session - just to make happy! :)

Just look at our shop yourself and you will see how different and beautiful can look your Cochlear Implant or Hearing Aid.

Instructions for using the stickers:

 1. If there already is a sticker on your device, remove the existing sticker.
 2. These stickers stick best on clean, dry and grease-free surfaces, therefore clean the surface of your device thoroughly with a disinfectant wipe (preferably with a wipe specifically meant for cleaning your device).
 3. Take the sticker sheet.
 4. Carefully peel off one part of the sticker from the backing paper.
 5. We suggest you to place the corner of the sticker on a plastic stick or any other similar object that could help you to apply the sticker. This will avoid your fingers touching the sticky part of the label and help you to apply the sticker more accurately.
 6. Center the sticker and apply it on the surface. Smooth it out.
 7. Repeat step 3 to step 6 with each subsequent part of the sticker.
 8. Make sure that all parts of the sticker are properly centered, glued and smoothed so that they do not peel off.
 9. Enjoy the new look of your device!
 !Attention!  Do not wash any parts of the sticker with rubbing alcohol, as this may cause fading, damage and/or shorten the duration of use of the sticker.

Recommendations and questions

How long can I use DeAmelijaStickers skins for CI and hearing aids?
It varies from person to person. Some people use our stickers on their devices for several months, some not that long. The main reason for that is several factors that affect the lifespan of a sticker, such as exposure to the Sun, sweat, moisture and heat, as well as factors like the length of hair and many others can all play a big role. 
A correct application and placement of a skin also makes a huge difference. For instance, if fingers touch the sticky part of a sticker, or if the surface of device is not degreased with an alcohol wipe or another product that is used to clean a device, it will affect how long a sticker will last. Therefore, we highly suggest first reading the instruction, which is provided within each purchase, before applying a sticker on a device.
In addition, from our personal experience, we suggest that you apply our sticker on your device in the evening before going to bed. Why? By doing so, the sticker has time to sit on your device while it is not in use. While the sticker rests on device during the night, this time lets it stick better so that it lasts longer.
We offer skins that are made of a very thin material, and skins that are thicker. The choice of the right sticker depends of its user’s lifestyle. For example, for people with very active lifestyle, we recommend color skins, heliographic and glitter skins. If you are not sure which sticker is the most suitable for you, do not hesitate to send us a message so we can help you to pick one for you and your needs.  

How long can I wear DeAmelijaStickers skins?
We recommend replacing our stickers after 1 to 2 months.
If a sticker stays on a device for a longer time than indicated above, glue may remain on the used device. However, do not worry; in most cases, you can remove the remains of glue with an alcohol wipe or another product that you use to clean your CI and/or hearing aids.

Does DeAmelijaStickers make personalized orders?
Yes! For personalized orders, please visit the section, called “Personalized Designs skins for...”. 
As personalized stickers require more time to design and personalize in accordance with the wishes of a customer, they are a little bit more expensive than the general stickers sold in our shop. 

In order to create a personalized sticker, first, we require you to send us your photo, graphic, artwork etc. Then, it takes 1 to 3 days for us to draft three layouts that are sent to you to choose from. After that, you choose one that you like the most so we can keep on working to perfect it in accordance with your wishes. When you are finally satisfied with the result, only then you pay for the purchase. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 days for your personalized order to be sent out. 
We also create a custom cut for different batteries, so do not hesitate to send us a message so we can work with you.

Can I get back my money for DeAmelijaStickers skins after I have used them?
Unfortunately, no! Some people may think that they can use our skins for 1 to 3 weeks and request their money back because it starts peeling off or they realize that our sticker is not a good fit for their device. For this reason, we highly recommend carefully reading the instruction for application of our stickers that is included within each purchase. Besides, we suggest you to evaluate your lifestyle before choosing the right sticker for you, since our shop offers stickers that are made from both thicker and thinner materials. We are open to help you when making your order and choosing the right fit for you, so give as a message and together we will find the best for you and your device! 

 With love,

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