Shipping from GERMANY:
-to Germany (Deutschland) 2-7 days,
-to USA from 2-4 weeks (usually 18-25 Business days)  depends of the region,
-to UK from 5 days -3 weeks,
-the Netherland - 7days - 3 weeks,
-Europe 1-3 weeks (usually 5-14 Business days),
-to Canada 2-4 weeks,
-to Australia 3-5 weeks,
-to somewhere else 3-6 weeks!

Some purchases may be delayed, so we kindly ask you to be patient!

If you didn't take your order from your Post office out or this shipment is delivered more times and you didn't take it yourself, the local post office will send it back. When we will take your order back, we communicate with you. If you want, then we can resend it again, but then you need to extra pay about resending shipping.

Most often our customers choose to send the order as standard/ regular mail (Deutsche Post/DHL) - this tracking number ARE NOT international. If you want tracking number from our office to your place, then you need to extra pay for that. You can always choose WITH TRACKING NUMBER - Prio/Registered International Mail/PREMIUM that also is faster shipping  from GERMANY to Germany 1-4days, to USA 7-15 days, to UK 5-12 days, to Australia 10-20days, to Europa 3-10days!
Choose what shipping method is better for you when you complete your order and go to payment.

Shipping's up to 30 Euro
we send out as a standard mail, more than 30 Euro we send out automatically as a registered international mail with tracking number.

If you have any questions, something to ask us or need to help with your order, please let us know! We are here to help you!!!

Each skin/sticker set is made by order 2-7 days and then dispatch as soon as possible.
Orders are executed in queue order, so we kindly ask you to be patient!

Please let us know when you receive your order. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!