Personalized design vinyl skins

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Special stickers for special devices

Product Information

Personalized vinyl stickers
For your device

Before you pay about your order, please contact with us and send your wishing photo, telling your idea and device, side that you need. When you will take a layouts from us and choose your skin, ONLY THEN PLEASE PAY ABOUT YOUR ORDER!!!


For models - Cochlear Implant Nucleus 7 (CI N7), Cochlear Implant Nucleus 6 (CI N6), Cochlear Osia2 Sound Processor, AB Naida by Advanced Bionics  - Naida CI M90/ Sky CI M90 and hearing aid Naida Link M/Sky Link M, MED-EL Rondo 3, Rondo 2 and Rondo, MED-EL Samba, MED-EL Sonnet2,MED-EL Sonnet,  Kanso and Kanso 2, Cochlear Nucleus Freedom, MED-EL Opus2, Hearing Aid  - Oticon Opn and Phonak Naida Link, Hearing aid set, Hearing Nr.1, Nr.2, Nr.3., Nr.4. etc.  For Hearing aid set 1,2,3,4 you need to choose number # Nr.1.or ,Nr.2.what you need and please write it in NOTES when you pay about order.

!!!Send us your favorite PHOTO  and we will make it in to a lovely sticker!!! Especially for you!

As these stickers are made of a high quality vinyl print, they also help to protect the device from the every day wear.

1. SEND US a photo, your graphic, artwork -  here or on e-mail: [email protected] 
2. Let us know the side that you need: right, left or both.
3. Let us know your wishes, colors...
4. 1-3 days we will send examples,
5. Choose from examples 1, 2 or 3!
6. Make the order and pay for it!
7.When we will get your payment, we will create it and send 2-3 days!

P.S. In our shop you can also order a set of matching , example, CI N7 sticker + Hearing Aid sticker, or two CI N7 stickers, or two Hearing Aid stickers. We can make a matching set especially design for you! Just ask!
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