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Special stickers for special devices

Product Information

Cut out a sticker yourself!

Now you can be the one who sets the style for your device! Choose any of the available designs and colors,  and simply be stylish! You don't even need a model name or size to use these  stickers. They can be adapted to any device. 

1. Take your device, place it on a blank sheet and copy the shape of it. 
2. Cut the needed shape out of the blank sheet and place it on the sticker sheet. 
3. Then cut the needed shape out of the sticker sheet.
4. Clean the surface of your device and place your sticker on it. 
5. Enjoy the new look of your device.
!For more directions, please watch the video!

And now:
1. Choose one of the types we offer in any color that you like.
2. Place your order!

Material -  Vinyl stickers. Cut out a sticker yourself! Dimensions - 87x110mm!