Color Spirals/Tube twists for cords_Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids accessories (8cm)

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Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aids accessories

Product Information

Color Spirals / Tube twists for Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aids accessories

These spirals protect and extend the life of over-the-ear processor  -CI coil  or Hearing Aid cords with these colored cord wraps!
Each spiral is 8 cm long (3.15in)! If you need for two hearing aid - it will be enough, but if you need for two CI - you need to order 2 spirals!

Add these cord wraps to any sticker (skin) for your order and your device will look stunning!

*Please send us a message if you need a different length! We'll see what's available and how we can help you!

Colored spirals/Tube twists is 8 cm/(3.15in) long, plastic spiral - elastic